Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Kung Fu Master | Agnes Varda, 1988

According to an email they just sent me, my Tumblr is two years old today. Cool! 

To celebrate this anniversary, I'm re-uploading the first post from that blog, and of that period of my life, here. It's a photoset from Agnes Varda's Kung Fu Master, which I believe is about to be (or has just been) released on Blu-ray in the US.

Two years ago, I was a little short of two months away from perhaps the defining moment of my cinephilia to date -- visiting an exhibition of (at that time) all six works of Tsai Ming-liang's Walker series in Brussels, followed by a screening of Goodbye, Dragon Inn (which I had seen but never really understood) in an abandoned car park and a Q&A (in English) with the man himself.

Knowing that I started this blog, its title referencing one of the only lines of dialogue in Tsai's film, without realising quite how much that film would soon mean to me makes me incredibly excited for the future. We never really know how much we're about to change. Everything is a leap into the unknown with cinema, and that's what makes it so special.

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